Queen Vic

East Grinstead

The SAFERsleep systems has been deployed into all theatres at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead. Queen Victoria Hospital is a leading specialist centre for reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation, helping people who have been damaged or disfigured through accidents or disease.

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Preferred Supplier to Southern Cross Hospitals

SAFERsleep has signed an agreement to become the preferred supplier of anaesthetic information systems to Southern Cross Hospitals, this also includes all Southern Cross partner hospitals. Southern Cross Hospitals has a national network of private surgical hospitals offering a broad range of elective surgery, which play a significant role in improving the health of New[…]


Hospital Certification

Is your charting affecting your hospital’s certification? Audits by the Ministry of Health have highlighted concerns regarding standards for charting anaesthetic drugs. New Zealand Society Anaesthetist (NZSA) Executive member Kaye Ottaway outlines the areas of non-compliance, the remedial actions taken, and urges compliance with Ministry of Health certification requirements. The standard of drug charting has been[…]