The online application enables clinicians to manage preoperative assessments of patients through secure rules based module that can be accessed from any computer in the hospital. It is a complete, contained approach to pre-operative assessment and covers the entire process from initial questionnaire right through to post-op outcomes.

The module allows clinicians to review: Anaesthetic, surgical and medication history | Allergies and medical alerts | Examination data (Mallampati, vitals and dentition details) | Risk assessment criteria and Post-procedure care

SAFERsleep PREOP also helps to cut cancellation rates | Improve staff utilisation | Increase patient throughput | Eliminate paper (and the cost of paper) | Triage, swimlane patients faster  and increase patient satisfaction.
Web based

SAFERsleep PREOP facilitates the patient’s journey through intelligent, customisable web based forms that provide rapid answers to the right questions.

Patient Pathway

Patients are tracked by their status, facilitating triage and tracking of progress through various stages of assessment and care.

Integrated modules

The application contains PREOP, OR, Obstetrics and Acute Pain modules which integrate to display the entire perioperative patient journey.


A standard suite of reports is available online, including antibiotic prophylaxis, anaesthetist logbook, incident/audit review and drug use.

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