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SAFERsleep was founded by Professor Alan Merry, a recognised pioneer in peri-operative safety research, in New Zealand in 1997.In 1998 the system was first installed at Green Lane Hospital - Auckland, where Professor Merry with the help of the clinical staff and his research team has led a series of studies to improve the efficacy of the system.


The SAFERsleep System has been installed in public and private facilities though out New Zealand.SAFERsleep is being utilized at Auckland, Waitemata, Capital Coast and Mid Central district health boards. In private facilities SAFERsleep is being used at Mercy Ascot hospital's, within the Southern Cross Private hospital's chain the system is currently used at, Brightside hospital, Laparoscopy Auckland, Gillies hospital, and within the Acurity Health Group SAFERsleep is being used at Wakefield hospital. SAFERsleep is also utilized on the Mobile Surgical Bus that provides surgical services to rural hospitals across New Zealand. 

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Tablets with genetic code inside. A study into methods to reduce anaesthetic drug errors.


In 2008 SAFERsleep installed its first two sites in the United Kingdom as part of study into methods to reduce anaesthetic drug error. One year later, in 2009 Papworth Hospital - the largest specialist cardiothoracic hospital in the UK - purchased the SAFERsleep System for its operating theatre suites.


Customers include the largest independent hospitals in Kent, United Kingdom such as the KIMS Hospital and the Medway NHS Foundation Trust.SAFERsleep has now been used in over two million anaesthetics worldwide.

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