SAFERsleep OR has been designed by anaesthetists for anaesthetists to provide enhanced patient safety and produce high quality anaesthetic patient records for hospitals and surgical facilities. 

Combining barcode technology, touch-screen controls and operating theatre organisational tools, the system has been shown to reduce the incidence of bolus to bolus drug error by more than 35%.

A touch-screen workstation is mounted to the anaesthetic machine along with a keyboard and bar-code reader, positioned for easy data entry.

Data are collated into a time-related, accurate patient record which is printed or accesses later online.

Clinical alerts

- Checks drug allergies and interactions with spoken and visual warnings.
- Prompts promote timely antibiotic administration.
- Reminds entry of blood loss.

Patient Pathway

- Integration of patients online SAFERsleep pre-operative clinical forms with their anaesthetic records in SAFERsleep OR means key patients information, including medical alerts and allergies, are entered only once.
- Users spend more time observing their patients.

Easy to use

- The touchscreen monitor, barcoding and keyboard facilitates easy data entry.
- User-specific templates allow rapid entry of recurring instructions and prescriptions for similar procedures.

Fast and safe

- Scanning of drugs is quick and provides a double checking function before the drug is administered with visual and audio recognition prompts.
- Key psysiological data are automatically plotted, reducing the loss of clinically important information from the record.

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