Anaesthetist and nurses checking the incident reporting review.

“Waitemata District Health Board has been using SAFERsleep OR for over 8 years. During this period SAFERsleep has improved the:

• The quality of recorded anaesthetics and peri-operative prescriptions produced.
• Incident reporting review process with the ability to report on anaesthetic incidents.
• Awareness of safer drug administration by providing a system which encourages syringe checking visually and audibly before administration.
• Awareness of antibiotic prophylaxis with alerts reminding the administration of antibiotics before surgery starts.

I can confidently recommend SAFERsleep as an advantageous system to use in any anaesthesia department and now with SAFERsleep PREOP a patient’s journey is becoming easier to track.”


"Looking back on this case afterwards, it becomes clear that the SAFERsleep record, besides being a good medical / legal record of the case, provides a wealth of accurate information about all the parameters that's changed during a case of anaphylaxis, allowing good analysis, and further teaching, as to how best to recognise anaphylaxis in the future."


A doctor is checking the information about all the parameters that are changed during a case of anaphylaxis.
A nurse is using a first class anaesthetic record keeping system.

“The only problems we have had were related to the hardware we were using and not to the system itself.

We have had no serious data loss in the time we have been using the system and any problems we have had have been rapidly dealt with by the company.

I would highly recommend SAFERsleep as a first class anaesthetic record keeping system to anyone in the market for such a system.”


“We have been using the SAFERsleep system in our operating theatres at Papworth Hospital for nearly 4 years. During this time the system has worked without serious fault continuously with 100% of anaesthetic procedures captured electronically.

When the rare service issues arise they are dealt with thoroughly and speedily.

We would have no hesitation in recommending this system to other hospitals seeking electronic solutions for anaesthetic record keeping and drug administration safety.”


Young doctor using an electronic anaesthetic record keeping system.
Patient records, instructions and stethoscope isolated on white background.

"SAFERsleep OR has made my life easier. It saves me between 1 to 1.5 hours each day in handwriting patient records and instructions for post operative care."


“[Human error in anaesthesia is] a worldwide problem. Part of it stems from having so many drugs that we have to administer to people, labeling isn’t perfect, there is no internationally agreed labelling system, so inevitably there is a small drug error rate. We’re very careful with the way we check our drugs, but this is another layer of safety.

…It’s clearer, far more accurate…it’s continuously being recorded out and we can busy ourselves looking after the patient and know that this is there when we finish the case.”


Vials of drugs/medications.

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