SAFERsleep ACUTE Pain is a tablet solution that offers acute pain service (APS), teams a mobile solution for documenting pain reviews and update modalities of blocks given during an operation or on the ward.
The module is intuitive and easy to use, and patient reviews are less arduous for patients because their case notes are accessible to the clinicians treating them.
Clinicians can schedule patients to be revisited by the acute pain service team, discharge patients from pain rounds and reinstate discharged patients and if required print directly to a adhesive label to insert into wards notes.
A copy of the acute pain report and discharge plan is stored in the patient’s file and can be automatically sent to hospital patient management systems.
SAFERsleep OR Integrated

Seamless integration with prescribed pain modalities within SAFERsleep OR displayed in SAFERsleep ACUTE Pain.

Mobile Printing Solution

Adhesive daily patient assessment print to a mobile printer which are then attached to patient charts.

Discharge Print Outs

Customisable adhesive acute pain team discharge instructions.
Pain Team Discharge Summary summarising treatment modalities and daily patient pain reviews.

Online Reporting Module

Customised reports can be run via an online reporting module reducing time spent for quality assurance audit, research or management purposes.

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