A group of doctors with a tablet using healthcare software solutions provided by SAFERsleep.

Who we are

SAFERsleep is a leading anaesthetic IT company that designs software solutions which enable clinicians and healthcare institutions to streamline their data management, improve their anaesthetic records and reduce the incidence of anaesthesia drug administration errors.


SAFERsleep is responsive and adaptable.  We are listening to our customers' needs and try to incorporate them where it is possible. Holding regular client meetings, we ensure actions are continually being addressed, and we are continually developing and updating the SAFERsleep modules based on direct customer feedback. 

Healthcare workers and  SAFERsleep software managers having a meeting.
A nurse is using the extremely user - friendly SAFERsleep application.


Our products were designed by anaesthetists for anaesthetists. For this reason, they are extremely user friendly and easy to get to grips with, which means training is minimised. The reliability and built-in drug administration safety features of our modules in many anaesthetists’ opinions are indispensable.


Today the company has two offices, a head office in Auckland, New Zealand and a branch in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

A doctor is typing on a laptop.

Find out why SAFERsleep is the right choice for your clinical workplace

To have a free online demonstration or some more information about our products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll be happy to send you our secure brochures with more details on the SAFERsleep Anaesthetic Cloud modules.