SAFERsleep MR is an electronic medication reconciliation solution that interfaces with a hospital’s primary healthcare information.
It is a secure e-solution to aid obtaining an accurate list of patients' current medicines for their episode of care.
The solution supports efficient medication history, admission, transfer and discharge with safety checks at each step along with a complete audit trail.
The result is an accurate medication list that includes both home and inpatient medications.

E-solution to Improve Efficiencies

Using SAFERsleep MR for entry of data, integrating with hospital patient management systems and other SAFERsleep modules ensures reduced data entry and duplication, providing better outcomes.

SAFERsleep OP Ward Charting & VTE Assessment Integration

Pre-Operative best possible medication lists are displayed for anaesthetists prior to prescribing post-operative medication. Anaesthetists can then Prescribe, Edit/Withhold or Stop medications decreasing unintentional charting discrepancies.

Print outs - BPML Pre-Op & Drugs Intentionally Stopped Lists

If a BPML has been completed by the pharmacist prior to surgery a BPML Pre-Op list is printed for the anaesthetist's pre-operative notes.
If the anaesthetist intentionally stops medications that the patient was currently on, a list of those drugs will print from SAFERsleep OR for use on the ward.

Online Reporting Module

Process and Outcome measures for Medicine Reconciliation and Medication Reviews can be reported via an online reporting module.

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